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02 September 2012 @ 11:11 pm

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My journal is mostly personal and I add selectively... sorry Creepers :p

Please read my About Me post before commenting. :)

Wanna be added? Take your chances and please comment on this post* :)

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27 June 2017 @ 06:38 pm
 If you cannot help, please share this. I’m leaving it unlocked so it can be passed around. If we’re friends on Facebook and you want to share this here, that’s fine. Just please don’t tag me. :)

Thank you!


After losing my SSI case, I was forced back into the working world. I was lucky enough to land a part-time job working for a department store. I’m working at most 3 days a week and making $8.50 an hour; on average, I’m bringing in about $500 a month or less. I’m blessed enough to still live at home and with a mother who doesn’t charge me rent, however, I do have a credit card and other expenses I pay. Saving up for a car on my pay alone is very impractical and would take possibly a year or more. 

I’m in desperate need of my own car so I can get my driver’s license and keep open availability at work. Having my own car would also grant me independence and freedom that I don’t currently have. I’m 27-years-old and am trying to get my life together after having depression and anxiety rule me for so long.   

It’s going to be cheaper and more practical to buy a used car from an owner instead of a dealership. I’m doing this to raise money for the car to do one of two things. I will either pay upfront for the car or take out a loan and use the funds raised here to pay it off. My goal is $4,000, but I’d ideally absolutely need $3,000; any money left over will go towards getting all the necessaries for the car (plates, tags, etc) and what’s left after that will go towards a professional cleaning and detailing. I’ve seen lots of nice cars within my year range and price point. We’ll have our mechanic take a look at the car before I buy, of course. I really need the car so I can practice and take my license test ASAP.

Any help, big or small, would be deeply and greatly appreciated. Thank you.


*If you cannot give to the GFM, I also have a PayPal. Please drop me a line if you provide help via PP, please! PayPal: c6290 @ hotmail.com.

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04 April 2017 @ 09:24 pm
Originally posted by loco_lobo at The Family Business

taking a bit of a leap... friend of mine a few months back had an emergency, I went looking for somewhere within the SPN family where I could post for help, not finding what I had in mine, I created one...
I'm thinking (and hoping it takes off) something like Misha's Random Acts, except for the SPN family itself
(and other fandoms!)

Had a bad day and need cheering up? Going to a con and need to split the cost of a hotel? Family emergency and have a GoFundMe? Reach out to the SPN family for help!

please feel free to share it for more fans!

Helping People, Supporting Things
The Family Business
18 March 2017 @ 12:04 am
A friending meme I found that I think needs more love!


Originally posted by author_by_night at Calling All Writers! Friending Meme
If you're a writer, this meme is for you! Doesn't matter if it's blogging, creative nonfiction, novels, reviews, fanfic... writers of all forms are welcome.

19 February 2017 @ 07:44 pm
Originally posted by a_phoenixdragon at GoFundMe Campaign
We have finished some of our training, but our hours still aren't settled - and we do not get paid until the end of the month. To top it off, we still haven't received our income taxes (something that we are biting our nails over). We need to survive until our paychecks come in - and hopefully garner enough to pay off our apartment debt in Kentucky (to keep them from finding ways to get into our bank account and ruin us here - or garnish our wages and put us right back at square one).

We are truly hoping this is our fresh start, our second chance. And to make that a reality, we still need some help. So if you can, spread the word. Share this post, share the link, share the post the link is attached to, if possible:

Our Big Family Move

I have been running this campaign a long time, I know. And with the help we have received we have made it far! Thanks to every person who has shared and donated, we made it across the country, found a new place and have started settling in. Our gratitude for this miracle has no bounds - and there are no words invented that can adequately express our thankfulness! I'm hoping soon that we can make our own way, keep ourselves not only afloat - but prosperous and free from old anxieties and fears. That second chance that is right within our grasp that we have been hoping for all these years. We just need that further leg up to make that happen.

Thank you for all you have done! And thank you, thank you for any future assistance...

*Squishes Everyone Mightily!*

10 February 2017 @ 02:50 pm
If you cannot help, please share this!


Originally posted by a_phoenixdragon at For those who may want to Signal Boost...
I'm still requesting funds for my GFM campaign, as it will be a bit before we get our first paychecks and we need to keep semi-afloat if possible. :D Here is the link should anyone need it:

Our Big Family Move

We just need to get a bit further before we are fully settled, you know? Hopefully, that will be sooner than we think!!

Thank you, thank you for all your help, guise. We couldn't do this without you!!

*Squishes Everyone Tight, Tight*

03 February 2017 @ 07:04 pm

They’ve made a huge leap and now need some assistance. They beyond are deserving of this! If you cannot help financially, please share this!

Our big family move

a_phoenixdragon is one of the kindest souls I've met and I'm cheering her little family on! Please help them if you can. :)

17 January 2017 @ 07:50 pm
So, I'm making this public so anyone can share if they choose. Anyway, my current betas are falling through and I need to find a replacement. If you cannot help, but know some that can, please share this. I honestly don't want to stop writing because of this. Thank you.

(all info a prospective beta reader needs to know is under the cut)
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31 December 2016 @ 01:25 am
This is for a dear friend of mine who I definitely am blessed to have, but don't deserve! She is a strong woman who I am often in awe of; the hope she possesses is an inspiration. This is going towards a grand adventure she and her little family are embarking on. I honestly cannot think of anyone who deserves this break more than this family.

If you can't contribute, please share this post? I'd love to see them make this happen.  

Originally posted by a_phoenixdragon at Go Fund Me Campaign
(Because it does rather help if you post it, yes?)

This is the campaign set up to help us fold this tent and move - any and all help would be appreciated guys!:

Our Big Family Move

Thank you, guise - always, always! Wish us luck! Gonna be a bumpy (but hopefully fun!) ride!

*Squishes Everyone Tight, Tight*

15 December 2016 @ 05:05 pm

1. Monetary donations directly to my PayPal or to my GoFundMe. 2016 has been a rough year for me and I’m unemployed due to a medical illness and in a bleak financial situation. Any and all help is appreciated. GFM: https://www.gofundme.com/2yu5qvuc PP email is: c6290@hotmail.com

2. More LJ icon space.

3. Teas. I love tea and am up for trying different ones.

4. Gift cards for Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, Claire’s, f.y.e., Kohl’s, and or iTunes.

5. Copy of Anna Kendrick’s book ‘Scrappy Little Nobody’. It can be a physical copy or e-book form. I'd even accept a gift card to purchase said book.

If my home address is needed, please send a PM and I'll provide it.

Thank you!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!